Local Governments Economic Activities

In April 2010, we have established a new division at headquarters, the (…), devoted to supporting the economic activities of our overseas offices and providing information to local governments in Japan.
Overseas offices are currently expanding such activities and will offer a wider range of services to accommodate the requests of individual local governments and facilitate their economic activities abroad.


Support to local governments’ economic activities abroad

Our overseas offices provide support to the various economic activities of local governments and also engage in economic activities on their own.
New York office
London office
Paris office
Singapore office
Sydney office
Seoul office
Beijing office

Special Support to Overseas Economic Activities

We provide financial and logistic support to local governments whose economic activities are especially creative and/or innovative and could serve as models for other local governments.

Economic Advisor

An advisor is now available to provide local governments with expertise pertaining to the implementation of economic activities.

Support to Overseas Outlet Development

We provide local governments supporting companies aiming to expand overseas and/or looking for outlets with opportunities to attend overseas exhibitions and fairs.

Useful links

We have gathered information useful for overseas economic activities.