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International Cooperation

Local Government Officials Training Programme

Training Overview

▼Trainees arrive in Japan (Mid-May)
●Tokyo Orientation
After arrival in Japan, participants take part in 2 days of orientation in Tokyo. The first day is comprised of an opening ceremony, a general orientation, and a face-to-face meeting with the host local government. There will also be an explanation from CLAIR about the general content of the programme, and the host local government will provide information about life in their region. On the second day there will content covering local governance in Japan and visits within Tokyo. A Japanese placement test will also be conducted on the second day to allocate trainees to Japanese language classes at the next portion of the training.

jigyo-tokyo1.jpg jigyo-tokyo2.jpg

●Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities (JIAM) training (June)

Once the Tokyo portion of the training has finished, all trainees will proceed to JIAM where they will complete 1 month of Japanese language training. Here participants will be allocated to Japanese classes by ability (6-8 people per class) and will work to improve their Japanese communication capabilities with the assistance of a well qualified teacher. Furthermore, aside from Japanese classes there will also be content covering local finance, Japanese culture, and opportunities to visit Kyoto and Shiga.

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●Specialized training
After 1 month of training at JIAM, trainees go on to their host local governments where they receive training in specialized fields and acquire skills and knowhow that can be put to use later in their home countries. Trainees are also expected to take part in regional internationalisation efforts with the hope that bonds can be forged between local governments in Japan and the rest of the world.

▼End of training

After 6 - 12 months of training, trainees return to their home country. It is hoped that trainees utilise what they learnt in Japan for the benefit of their region's development and also act as a contact point between Japan and their home country.

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