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International Cooperation

The Local Government International Cooperation Specialist Dispatch Project


There are many talented personnel working at Japanese local governments who have various knowhow. They can be trusted to deliver results across fields in mutual cooperation efforts with local governments overseas. To harness this expertise, CLAIR has produced the International Cooperation Specialist Database, a database of local government staff/retired staff with special expertise in international cooperation.

Project Overview


Objective: Contribute to the improvement of governance and expertise, foster human resources, and increase friendly relationships between Japanese and local governments overseas.
Means: Select candidate based on the wishes of the local governments overseas and dispatch them as a local government international cooperation specialist.

●Project content
1.Dispatched party Expert registered in the International Cooperation Database
2.Possible dispatch destination China, Southeast Asia, India
3.Dispatch period In principle, within 3 months (most projects are between 10 days - 1 month)
4.Field of expertise 32 fields including agriculture, forestry, civil engineering, urban planning, medical care, education,etc.

Coordinate with local governments in Japan to dispatch a specialist that matches with the local governments overseas's request
* A written agreement will be concluded between the local governments overseas and CLAIR

6.Cost In principle, dispatch expenses will be borne by CLAIR and the local governments overseas
CLAIR: travel expenses, accident compensation costs, incidental expenses during travel
・Local governments overseas: travel within the host country,interpreting costs, meals,etc.

Specialist Dispatch Project List.pdf (1998~2017) PDF

International Cooperation Specialist Database

Local government staff/retired staff well versed in and enthusiastic about international cooperation are registered in this database which is used in the Local Government Specialist Dispatch Project and seminars,etc. Established in 1997.

Registree details
  • People who have experience in international cooperation (JICA expert,etc.)
  • People who are planning to engage in international cooperation efforts
  • Other people deemed able to engage in international cooperation efforts at local governments

No. of registrees: 1,168(as of March 2022) 
* Those registered as having a specialist field (including registrees with more than one specialist field): 1,492

Registered fields: 32 (education: 180, agriculture: 131, civil engineering: 100,
health and hygiene: 96, environmental protection: 88, etc.)

For Enquiries
International Cooperation and Economic Relations Division
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Fax : +81-3-5213-1742
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