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International Associations

Across Japan, there are many efforts that aim to promote internationalisation at a local level, but local internationalisation cannot solely happen from an administrative, governmental level, efforts from local organisations and groups is also essential. To that effect, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has recognised the below 62 organisations as "International Associations" which work towards increasing and improving internationalisation in local areas at various levels across Japan, through providing consulation services for foreign residents, running international events to get local foreign residents involved and to teach the Japanese community about foreign cultures, providing Japanese classes for foreign residents, translation services and more.
Please be aware that each Internation Association will differ in the services they can and do provide, and that there may be other local International Associations in other cities and/or towns within Japan that are not listed below.


Hokkaido/Tohoku Region

Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center (HIECC)
Aomori International Exchange Association
Iwate International Association
Miyagi International Association
Akita International Association
Association for International Relations in Yamagata
Niigata International Association
Fukushima International Association
Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA)
Niigata City International Exchange Foundation

Kanto Region

Ibaraki International Association
Tochigi International Association
Gunma: Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture
Saitama International Association
Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation "Tsunagari"
Kanagawa International Foundation
Yamanashi International Association
Association of Nagano Prefecture for Internationalization
Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau
Chiba City International Association
Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges
Kawasaki International Association

Tokai/Hokuriku Regions

Toyama International Center
Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange
Fukui International Association
Gifu International Center
Shizuoka Association for International Relations
Aichi International Association
Mie International Exchange Foundation
Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange
Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange
Nagoya International Center

Kinki Region

Shiga Intercultural Association for Globalization
Kyoto Prefectural International Center
Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
Hyogo International Association
Wakayama International Exchange Association
Kyoto City International Foundation
Osaka International House Foundation
Kobe International Community Center

Chugoku/Shikoku Regions

Tottori Prefectural International Exchange Foundation
Shimane International Center
Okayama Prefectural International Exchange Foundation
Hiroshima International Center
Yamaguchi International Exchange Association
Tokushima Prefectural International Exchange Association (Tokushima International Strategies Center)
Kagawa Prefecture International Exchange Association
Ehime Prefecture International Center
Kochi International Association
Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation International Relations and Cooperation Division


Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation
Saga Prefecture International Relations Association
Nagasaki International Association
Kumamoto International Association
Oita International Plaza
Miyazaki International Foundation
Kagoshima International Association
Okinawa International Exchange & Human Resources Development Foundation
Kitakyushu International Association
Fukuoka City International Foundation
Kumamoto International Foundation

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