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Sister City Information

Finding a sister city

CLAIR supports local governments that are trying to form sister city relationships. Please contact us for more information.

Japanese local governments looking for sister city relationships overseas

Here you can find out what local governments in Japan are looking for a sister city relationship. Click on the town name or scroll down to see an overview of their region.

Local governmentPrefectureDesired Country or Region
Okegawa City Saitama
Manno Town Kagawa Asia, Oceania
Yamanouchi Town Nagano Australia
Nagi Town Okayama Australia

Okegawa City (Saitama Prefecture)

Population 75,000 Area 25.26km2
Outline of Local Authority

Located in the central area of Saitama Prefecture and also the center of Japan, Okegawa City was formed in November 1970 as the 31st city in Saitama Prefecture. Over time, the city has developed as a suburb for Tokyo.
Dring the Edo period, the area flourished as a "shukuba (rest area)" along Nakasendo due to its proximity to the capital, and acted as a distribution center for local produce. Today, there are still remnants of the prosperity from the Edo period.
Since the Meiji period, Okegawa has been known as a distribution center for wheat, sweet potatoes, and safflowers. Safflower, in particular, is used as a symbol for the city today.


Desired Country/Region of Exchange

Desired Characteristics of Exchange Partner

Commonalities in natural environmnet, history, industries, culture, etc. (e.g. producer of safflowers, a town with a history of shukba (rest area)

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Date Modified May 2016

Manno Town (Kagawa Prefecture)

Population 19,373 (As of March 1, 2016) Area 194.3km2
Outline of Local Authority

Nestled between the mountains and peppered with rice patties and udon shops, Manno Town is steeped in Japanese culture. Among a variety of historical sites is Manno Pond, the largest irrigation reservoir in Japan, constructed in the year 701AD. The Sanukimountain range stretches across southern Manno, providing a beautifully jagged backdrop that can be seen from anywhere in town. This mountain range, particularly Mt. Ryuou and Mt. Daisen, are prime hiking locations that offer a variety of trails for all skill levels. Manno's primary industry is farming; bamboo shoots, karin quinces, figs, and sunflowers can be purchased fresh at local markets. Manno has a variety of unique attractions, such as Sanuki Manno National Government Park, an astronomical observatory outfitted with both reflective and solar-observation telescopes, and the 800 year old Shioiri hot spring. Sanuki Manno National Government Park offers a variety of event throughout the year, ranging from the nationally renowned Monster Bash Music Festival and the AJ Kagawa Motor Festival in the summer, to the Manno Park Illumination in the January. Although it is a small town, Manno Town offers many opportunities to experience the unique culture and nature of the region.

[Manno Pond]

[Sunflower Field]

[Local Specialty: Shippoku Udon]


Desired Country/Region of Exchange

No specific requests; however, we would prefer a nearby country,in order to increase the frequency of exchange (Asia or Oceania).

Desired Characteristics of Exchange Partner

Manno has six elementary schools and one middle school, and we hope to engage in school or sports exchange. Alternatively, we would be interested in something that will mutually benefit both of us, such as tourism-exchange centered around our various ponds or artisan-exchange related to our sunflower and fig production.

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Date Modified April 2016

Yamanouchi Town (Nagano Prefecture)

Population 14,000 Area 26,000ha
of which 24,000ha is covered by forests
Outline of Local Government Located in the northeast part of Nagano Prefecture, Yamanouchi Town is a small town known for a number of attractions which include the historical Yudanaka Shibu onsen (hot spring) village and the famous Jigokudani onsen, where snow monkeys can be seen enjoying a hot bath. The Shiga Highlands, where the 1998 Winter Olympics was held, is a national park as well as a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Yamanouchi Town has also acquired a reputation for the high quality of its locally produced fruits such as apples and grapes.
Desired Country/Region of Exchange Australia
While Yamanouchi Town attracts visitors worldwide, it has an overwhelming number of tourists from Australia visiting the Snow Monkey Park.
Desired Characteristics of Exchange Partner Yamanouchi Town is looking to engage in international exchange activities with a municipality of similar size, based on the themes of "Koalas and Snow Monkeys" and/or "Skiing".
Date Modified June 2013

Nagi Town (Okayama Prefecture)

Population 6,223 Area 69.52km2
Outline of Local Government

Nagi Town is located on the southern base of the Nagisan Quasi-National Park (altitude of 1,255 m) in the northeastern part of Okayama Prefecture. The town is blessed with beautiful nature and four distinctive seasons.

Agriculture and livestock are the main industries of Nagi Town. Some of the main agricultural produce are black soybeans, taro potatoes, asparagus, and green onions. The livestock industry is also vibrant, specializing in beef and pork.

Despite the small population, Nagi Town has several cultural facilities and is rich in culture. The Nagi Bikaria Museum boasts a large collection of fossils including univalve shells and other plants and animals from 16 million years ago. The Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art's impressive use of space and architecture provides a unique experience for its visitors. Yokozen Kabuki, a traditional form of performing art unique to this region, is an important cultural asset that has been passed down from the Edo period.
Desired Country/Region of Exchange Australia
Desired Characteristics of Exchange Partner

We have one primary school and one secondary school. Through educational exchange activities, we hope to provide our youth with the kind of international experiences that are unique to a small town. Below is a list of the characteristics we are looking for in an exchange partner:

- Has as a population of approximately 10,000
- Has at least one primary and secondary school
- Has an agriculture and livestock industry
- Has landscape conservation areas
- Proximity to Sydney Airport
Date Modified January 2016
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