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Local Government International Exchange

Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar

Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar

Programme Overview

Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar

The Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar is an annual programme to promote mutual understanding and forge an effective network between Japanese and overseas local governments. CLAIR's overseas offices invite overseas local government officials to visit Japan to learn about the current situation and issues related to Japan's cities and regions.

Outline of the 2018 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeSchedule Hosting
Local Government
Seoul 23-30 May Rikuzentakata City Japan's Disaster Response and Recovery Measures
Paris 6-15 August Kagawa Prefecture Promoting Local Resources for Regional Development
Singapore 26 August - 1 September Toyohashi City, Toyota City Efforts Towards Realising an Industrially and Environmentally Advanced City through the Use of Cutting-Edge Technology
New York 28 October - 6 November Okayama Prefecture Industry of Okayama
Beijing 19-23 Nobember Nagasaki Prefecture Promoting Nagasaki's History and Culture to Chinese Audiences
London 20-26 January Miyagi Prefecture
Rebuilding Through Regional Potential and Local Capital
Sydney 12-21 February Kohoku Town
Creating Appealing and Liveable Towns in the Face of Japan's Declining Birthrate and Aging Population

Outline of the 2017 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeSchedule Hosting Japanese
Local Government
Paris 31 July - 9 August Komatsu City Regional Revitalisation in Cooperation with Local Industries
Seoul 4-8 September Iki City Promotion of Inbound Tourism & International Exchange which Utilises the History and Natural Resources of Remote Island Regions
Singapore 1-7 October Kitakyushu City Efforts towards a Low-Carbon Society
New York 6-15 November Rikuzentakata City

How Local Governments can Promote Town Planning for All Residents, even after a Disaster, to Live a Comfortable and Secure Life and Be Proud of their Community

Beijing 27 November - 1 December Hyogo Prefecture Measures to Promote Tourism in Hyogo
London 8-14 January Shizuoka City Comprehensive Local Government Policies for Healthy Lifestyles through Local Agriculture Support and Urban Living Design for those Later in Life
Sydney 12-21 February Higashine City 1. Town Planning and Personal Development through Child Care Measures and Education Geared Towards Population Growth 2. Efforts by Regional Cities to Encourage more International Tourists to visit by Making Full Use of Local Resources

Outline of the 2016 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeSchedule Hosting Japanese Local Government Topic
Paris 18-28 July Tsuruoka City Regional Revitalisation Efforts which Utilize Cultural and Tourism Resources in Provincial Cities
Beijing 8-12 November Shiga Prefecture Promotion of Tourism in Regional Areas
New York 27 November - 7
Shizuoka City How Local Governments can Promote Healthy Living for All Ages
London 9-15 January Iwaki City

Urban Renewal Five Years After the Tohoku Earthquake

Seoul 16-20 January Kyoto Prefecture Countermeasures against Falling Birthrates in Kyoto Prefecture
Singapore 22-28 January Miyazaki Prefecture "Sports Land Miyazaki" Initiative and the Advantage of Utilizing Local Resources
Sydney 12-22 February Masuda City Attracting International Tourists to Small Provincial Towns/Fostering Wide-Ranging Cooperation with Adjacent Cities for Tourism

Outline of the 2015 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeSchedule Hosting Japanese Local GovernmentTopic
Paris 20-30 July Toyooka City 1. Tourism Promotion and Regional Revitalization through Local Arts and Culture
Preservation of Oriental Stork
New York 18-28 October Miyagi Prefecture Revitalization and Recovery Efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Singapore 25-31 October Kitakyushu City Environmental Initiatives Supported by Citizens
Sydney 1-11 November Yamato Takada City

1. Sister City Relationships and Their Impacts
2. Preservation of Cultural Properties

Beijing 16-20 November Shimane Prefecture Cooperation through Environmental and Economical Exchanges
London 23-29 November Yamanashi Prefecture Tackling Ageing Society and Shrinking Populations
Seoul 30 November - 4 December Nagasaki Prefecture International Exchange based on "Joseon missions to Japan"

Outline of the 2014 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeScheduleHosting Japanese Local GovernmentTopic
Paris 21-31 July Niseko Town Building a Town through Citizen Participation and Information Sharing
-Towards an International Tourist Resort and an Environmental City -
London 7-14 October Kumamoto City Regional Developments after the Opening of Bullet Train and Becoming a Designated City
New York 19-29 October Amagasaki City Promoting Amagasaki City through its Local Resources
Singapore 9-14 November Kagoshima Prefecture Overseas Industrial Promotion by Kagoshima Prefecture
Seoul 11-14 November Toyama Prefecture Senior Citizens' Welfare in Toyama Prefecture
Sydney 16-26 November Sakaide City Utilizing Regional Resources for Manufacturing, People Development, and Town Development
Beijing 27-31 January (2015) Nagano Prefecture Citizens' Longevity and Health Development in Nagano Prefecture

Outline of the 2013 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeScheduleHosting Japanese Local GovernmentTopic
Paris 28 July -7 August Hiroshima City & Kumano Town Hiroshima: Efforts towards World Peace and Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
Kumano: Development of Japanese Brushes as Local Industry
Singapore 6-11 October Tottori Prefecture Economic Exchange with Southeast Asia
New York 27 October -5 November Tokushima Prefecture Boosting International Tourism by Utilizing Local Resources
London 17-23 November Miyagi Prefecture Economic Recovery Efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture
Beijing 24 November -1 December Ise City & Taki Town Tourism Promotion: Utilizing Historical & Cultural Assets and Engaging Students
Sydney 2-12 February (2014) Aomori Prefecture Local Promotion through School Trips and Winter Tourism
Seoul 17-21 February (2014) Seika Town Kansai Science City: Transformation through Arts and Sciences

Outline of the 2012 Seminar Series

Overseas OfficeScheduleHosting Japanese Local GovernmentTopic
Paris 22 July -1 August Kitakyushu City Urban Green Development Policy and a Sustainable Society
Singapore 30 September -7 October Sakai City Harnessing Historical Heritage and Traditional Industries by Tourism Policy
Sydney 28 October -7 November Aichi Prefecture

1. Promotion of Aichi through Culture, Arts, and Tourism

2. "Eco Mobility Life" - an Environmental Friendly Transportation Initiative
New York 20-30 January Kagawa Prefecture Regional Revitalization and Promotion Through Harnessing Local Charms
London 5-15 February Nagasaki Prefecture Urban Revitalization and Nagasaki Green New Deal
Seoul 12-16 November Kagoshima Prefecture Promoting International Trade and Tourism
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